What I Wish I’d Known: Life Lessons on Retirement

As we approach our own retirement, I’ve come back several times to this New York Times video, where young journalism students were paired with older folks to glean wisdom on retirement. 

It’s a light pass through the topic, yet there are a great many perspectives represented in 3 minutes:

For those of us still striving in mid-life with a full— or overwhelming— to-do list, it’s a good reminder of what really matters.  We’re doing our best to live well into our retirement, taking the advice to heart to make every day and every year count. 

See the full New York Times feature with comments here:


One of my favorite bits of advice from the comments: “Know that life is interesting.  Stay fascinated.”

More life lessons

A wonderful book published this year and chock full of life lessons is John Leland’s ‘Happiness is a Choice you Make.” If it didn’t make it on to your reading list yet, it’s an inspiring pick for 2019. 

The end of the year is a time for reflection.  We wish you a peaceful a holiday break and the chance to rest and recharge for 2019. 

All best wishes for the holidays and the New Year,

Mary and Jim

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